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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women



Sinns of Attraction offers the most cutting edge, effective live trainings and products that teach you to easily meet, date, and have relationships with beautiful women.

  • The Seduction Roadmap
  • This is my latest product. It debuted as a series of live teleseminar sessions in which I broke down my latest innovations in seduction. Now package of seven, sixty minute sessions in which I take you step-by-step through the entire Seduction Roadmap process in painstaking detail is available to you at a special rate!

  • The Complete Guide To Sexualized Texting
  • And with the Complete Guide To Sexualized Texting, you�re going to know exactly how to turn phone numbers into guaranteed sex, EVERY TIME! It not only teaches you exactly what kind of text messages women respond to, but I include numerous examples straight from my own phone.

  • The Secrets of Five Minute Chemistry
  • In the program, you'll learn my unique 3 step system for creating explosive sexual chemistry with ANY woman in 5 minutes or less!

  • Conversation Mastery
  • With the Conversational Mastery Program, you get all my "done-for-you" conversation starters and topics handed to you on a silver platter. This 5-video program will automatically turn you into an amazing conversationalist that women will line up to talk to. You will ooze the confidence and charm that will make getting hot women EASY.

  • The Rapid Sexual Encounters Training Program
  • The core of the Rapid Sexual Encounters program are 6 online video training sessions that cover EVERY aspect of the Rapid Sexual Encounters System. Just follow the simple, "paint by the numbers" System and great conversations turn into sizzling hot sexual encounters practically every time.

  • Sexual Triggers
  • Some people are even calling this program the ultimate "cheat code" to seduction success. Because when you know the forbidden sexual triggers, the game is literally rigged in your favor. This is an advanced "mind control" program that shows you how to talk women straight into sex. Please do not use this program if you have evil intentions when it comes to women.

  • Attraction Mastery
  • The Attraction Mastery program is focused on getting you all the tools you need to win a girl over in the early stages of an interaction and getting her madly attracted to you. It all starts with attraction, and this is the system to get ANY girl attracted to you.

  • Automatic Approaching
  • Approaching is where it all starts and this program covers everything you need to know about approaching women. This covers all scenarios from single women, to multiple women sets, to mixed sets. It also includes some KILLER openers.

  • The Flake Proof Formula
  • The Flake Proof Formula, is a great product that focuses on eliminating flaking entirely. This includes real life transcipts of texts I've sent to women that led to dates and sex.

  • Fantastic Over 40: Regain Your Edge and Date Younger Women
  • This is my program specifically for older guys looking to meet and date younger women.

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