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  The Secrets to Approaching and Attracting Beautiful Women




Fixed my Game on the Spot!

Sinn is amazing. He had an hb9 on his arm and was gaming her in isolation. he would do take aways and go back to her and he was kinoing her. Amazing guy to watch. He is not peacocked over the top but still you could see how the method works for different style of guys. Sinn told me he wanted to see me in set. He said he was going to fix my game and he did actually Sinn is by far the coolest instructor and helped me tremendously. He is a very intelligent guy, that can spot your sticking points and help you on the spot.

- Ozzie

From Single to Having an AMAZING Girlfriend

I was in your bootcamp in Scottsdale AZ in Jan 2006, and saw you in Vegas at the Superconference in March 2007.A lot of your ideas and teachings have helped me a lot. I love a lot of the sound bites that I learned from you.

One that I have used A LOT is "Shhh... Daddy's talking" I have told that to other guys as well, and they use it, and have had great results. Girl's eyes get really big when you say that to them!!

I saw some of the clips from your Mehow video, and really liked how you were able to use a lot of traditional "community material", and made it look easy. I have seen a couple episodes of infield insider, and the 3 minutes I saw of you on youtube was more instructive than a couple full episodes I saw on DVD.

I started doing "strawberry fields" and a lot more sexual framing and have had great results. I actually don't even tell my friends how quickly I can sleep with women, because they probably wouldn't believe me.

I have a really awesome girlfriend right now, and I am really happy. She is super sexy, and was turning heads on New Years Eve, and is totally in love with me :-) Thanks for all you have taught me.

Phoenix, Arizona

Sinn - The Pickup LIBRARY!

Let me just say that Sinn has got to be the most knowledgeable person in the community. I would have listened to him for another 4 hours. The guy is fucking ridiculous. He was so insightful when people asked questions; he knew exactly what the issues were and how to fix them, even with super limited information. Someone asked a question about gaming at the airport and he actually had a whole system for it.

Los Angeles, California

It's like getting hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky

"Can't say enough about Sinn. You are learning from one of the best PUAs on the planet. You just can't get than in other areas of your life. I'll never get hockey lessons from Wayne Gretzky or guitar lessons from Eric Clapton... but that's what learning from Sinn was like."


Turning Theory into Results

"Before I started working with Sinn, I had a lot of pickup theory floating around in my head and no results to show for it. After stumbling across his blog, he seemed like a good teacher so I gave him a shot. After he taught me how to work on the fundamentals, I started to get a few lays. And his advanced stuff has been supercharging my results.

Right now, I`m seeing 3 girls, hitting the clubs 2 nights a weeks to do cold approaches, and going out on dates with new girls a couple times a week (the cool part about the dates is now I have a set game plan that turns dates into lays pretty consistently). The best part is that I'm getting better

Toronto, Canada

Sinn is GOLD!

"I can honestly say that Sinn's teachings were responsible for me getting two new lays and a botched threesome the week after hearing him speak. There was so much gold dished during the workshop it was ridiculous."

Sexual Chocolate
Los Angeles, California

Huge Impact on Me!

"Sinn has had a huge impact on me. The best way to put it is that he just exudes game. It isn't really fair to say that he was the best trainer at the Superconference, because he is just on a completely different level from any other trainer that I've ever seen. What's even more remarkable is that even at that high of a level he just continues to relentlessly progress his skills and knowledge. Each time that I've trained with him over the past 12 months or so he seems to have a completely new set of insights.

Sidney, Australia

Can't Stay Away from Sinn's Seminars

"Sinn is literally the best instructor out there! There is a reason why I attend so many of this dude's seminars... Every time I leave a workshop with Sinn, I am amazed at the how much he has advanced the field of social dynamics.

Many of the advancements in Game over the past year are due to Sinn's creativity! Without him we would still be confined to Best Friend's Test and Who Lies More. And that is what sets Sinn apart from all others! It's his ability to consistently come up with new ideas on how to advance social dynamics that is absolutely amazing.

The amount of ORIGINAL material the guy has come up with is mind blowing! Day Game, Advanced Comfort, Same Night Lays- all of these are examples of Sinn's creativity and have greatly contributed to the success of his students!

He is such a valuable resource to the Community! Thank you for everything bro!

Fort Worth, Texas

From Shy to Social

When I first ordered Sinn's natural attraction DVD and guides I was a shy, introverted 19 year old. I had never had a true girlfriend and my social skills were lacking.As I watched the DVDs and started taking bits and pieces into my daily life, I noticed that I was not only able to talk to women but to gain more confidence in all of the areas in my life.

My social life has not only gotten better, but my friends include both extremely gorgoeus women that I can easily hold a conversation with and guys with extremely high social value.I have gotten an exteremly well paying job due to my connection with the employees that work there and the boss. My grades in school have improved and I am loving life. I need to thank you for helping me pull a complete 180 degree turn with not only women, but with all aspects of my life. I owe you so much more than you even realize and I hope one day I can help someone as much as you have helped me. Thank you once again for everything you've done and contributed to.

Your Friend,
Chase B.

How the "Lay Reports" Fixed My Game


I bought the Lay Report Guide a while back and it was big help in my game. I'd tried some other companies products before I bought it and they didn't work for me. I was really starting to lose hope that I could ever get the sex life I wanted. Then, I started reading the Lay Report Guide. It was just what I needed. I like the way you broke down what everyone did to get laid into simple-to-understand and yet easy-to-implement bullet points.

Since then I have seen BIG improvements in my game. I've fixed many of my sticking points and the results are amazing (in case you can't read between the lines that means I've gotten laid....alot).

I have to say the biggest ongoing benefit from buying the Lay Report Guide is being on your VIP list. All of the freebies and exclusive offers are incredible. I encourage anyone who is serious about improving their game and getting good with women to learn from you. I'm not saying that because you were ranked #1 pickup artist by TSB Magazine this year. I'm saying that because you helped me.

Thanks Sinn,

I Now Have Dating Options!


I’ve finally found the one source for improving my life with women that I can rely on that has proven results. When I came across your content last year, things really changed in my dating life for the better. My favorite ongoing product right now is your Sinn’s Inner Circle with the Lounge. This has made the biggest improvement in my life with dating beautiful women. Every month, you send me a CD on a topic very relevant to improving success with women. You also include the written transcript. For one hour, you’re giving away your most up to date and tested theories and strategies. I just ended a relationship with a woman who is by far the most attractive woman I’ve ever dated. I connected with her on every level and I would have never met her if I didn’t follow your advice.

I believe in your teachings because I apply it daily and women respond positively. Your teachings have given me many more options in my dating life. The monthly CD's I keep listening to right now is your CD on Beliefs and your CD on Approach Anxiety. These 2 CD's have completely changed how I view women and how I approach women. Now, instead of thinking women are out of my league, my belief I learned from you is simply that all women are friendly and all women are looking for new sexual options. I internalized these beliefs and anytime I see an attractive woman I could see myself on a date with (one of your strategies), I think about yours 4 step process of approaching women and I approach her.

You don’t drag out theories like other programs. You get right to the point. With Sinn’s Inner Circle, you’ve covered all the major topics to take my dating life much farther than I expected in such a short time. I’ve learned more from you in one year than I have in the previous 10 years of dating and you’ve made it fun for me to expand out of my comfort zone. You’ve cut my learning curve with women, you’ve made it simple and easy, and you’ve made it fun going out and starting conversations with women. I admire and thank you for this.

You truly are the King Of Content.


Approaching More Women Than Ever Before

The first thing that I learned is that trying to improve this part of my life would take me much more effort than I initially thought. One limiting belief I have is that I can keep doing what I am doing for a long time (that is, approaching girls and socializing, trying to get phone numbers, etc), and yet make little progress by always making the same mistakes.

During the year I took the program I approached more girls than in all the previous years of my life, I feel more confident, and I learned not to take feedback from girls personally. I also learned that it is important to push yourself and go out consistently. It is so easy to give up, but progress comes when you push yourself the hardest. It is always important to get out of your comfort zone..., always. This should become a part time job, in addition to the full time job I already have.

Also, I learned that things could become much easier giong out with a good network of people who are also committed and motivated to get good at this. This is easier said than done. Doing it by myself is more difficult and would take more time. It is great to try things on your own, but also developing a small support group and discussing ideas is certainly of great help.


My Attraction Game is Now Solid

Dear Sinn,

Your products have helped me so much that I have ben starting to initiate, roleplay, open very easily by now. Something I would'nt have been able to do before. As of right now, I have hope that I'll succeed and all that credit goes to you and your team. I am still stuggling with qualification and also would like some help with that.

Regards to the King,


I Layed 15 Girls in Two Months Thanks to Sinn


Where do I begin?

I'm 30 years old and have studied Pick Up since I was 24 or so. Through out the years there have been some interesting developments in the subject of pickup as well as a lot of "Hype".

Sinn has always been on the level and always stayed away from the "Hype" and brought us what statistically works time and time again, way more so than many other "Gurus" And I know this because I have studied most of them.

Since I have followed Sinn the first thing I purchased was his Natural Attraction DVD. I have got way more numbers, felt comfortable with almost every interaction, gained a stronger confidence level but most importantly Way more lays. In fact there was a period where in 2 months I "Laid" 15 girls. Which turned into "repeat offenders" (booty calls). It got to the point where It was kind of overwhelming and I needed a break. Sinn Offers the best "Balance" I have experienced and helps with many of the issues men like me need to tackle. Over all, Sinn has been a mentor who Never steered me wrong. And I am greatfull for his time and effort.

To summarize Sinn's products: They Stay away from the Hype and sticks with what statistically works time and time again, Overall Great balance, a Great Mentoring, Easy to apply and fun to see the rewards....and there is plenty to be had.

Best Wishes,

My Day Game has Exploded!

Sinn is the best! I have had his material only for the last 2 months, and trust me when I say, that there is no person who is in complete command over his technique in every area of dating. Known as the best "pick up artist" in the world, and is an even better teacher. He is completely in touch with reality and real experiences, and his honest advices are far from a lot of BS you get elsewhere.

I certainly don't want to be a pick up artist, and I don't mean it in a derogatory sense, but I am still hooked onto his material because a lot of it focuses on being a naturally charismatic person, who can carry interesting conversation with anyone anytime.

I have his day game product, natural attraction DVD and recently enrolled in his seduction road map program, and it is EXHAUSTIVE. I was blown by how women responded to, when I was using his very “aggressive” seduction techniques.I am improving everyday, in becoming a more attractive and confident social person.


Sex is Now a Sure Thing!

I never would have thought this going in, but ever since I took the Seduction Roadmap, sex has become inevitable between myself and the women I meet. There is nothing Sinn doesn't know about what attracts women and what influences their decision to have sex. What he teaches is different from other products, because it's not centered around just "looking cool" to onlookers and just getting a girl's phone number- it's about speaking the language of women so that it ends in getting laid.

Before taking the Seduction Roadmap course, I couldn't figure out why some of my approaches had a sexual/flirtatious vibe and others did not- the frustration of this is the reason I signed up. His lesson on setting the 14 Sexual Frames has changed all of that and has brought a level of consistency to my sex life that I didn't have before. I am currently dating three women, and am confident that the next woman I meet and speak to for more than 5 minutes will end up in bed with me. I was on the fence when I shelled out the money for this product, but now I know this is the real deal.


More Than DOUBLED My Lay Count in the Last Year

Having followed Sinn's blog for some time and being interested in his same night lays and breakthrough comfort programs I started to go out in-field and practice the stuff that was taught in his blog. I hadn't had that many results from game yet (results for me =lays). I watched Sinn's natural attraction DVD and this really brought what he teaches on his blog to life for me.

What I took away from this DVD was that I could have normal conversations and work in attractive qualities and traits (such as teasing, banter, role play etc.) rather than constantly focusing on always being funny or always trying to be interesting (which would lead to stalling or out or just trying to hard and coming across as needy or weird). Just from studying Sinn's blog, his free audio and videos and his extremely low cost for a PU product DVD (it's like £20, that's twenty, unlike many charging £200 for lesser works) I've actually managed to increase my lay count from 11 to 29 in less than twelve months. Without a doubt Sinn's stuff is far superior to the majority of the stuff out there.


My Game has Gotten a Major Lift

Sure it happened this weekend after rewatching the Sinn's Infields. I approached a 2 set with much stronger intent. I danced with the two friends and then relocated to the couches. I maintained more mystery about myself and corrected their every assumption about me that they perceived. I gave them just a taste of reaching their deeper mind levels and then scolded one for enjoying it. I then broke the pair to isolate one to the court yard which brought out a aggressive tangent from the other, but I just said sit here and don't think too much of yourself because I'll be back....I couldn't believe it she complied.

To shorten things I made plans to meet later at another club with the one I took to the court yard and I then went back to the first friend but she was gone. I then went to my car and there she was acting kind of silly. I approached her but she made the move of grabbing my hand and putting it under her skirt saying "feel this". I started to push her away but she grabbed me harder and we kissed while she deeply moaned. I told her lets get into my car but she said no I want it right here and now, so I worked her to the other side and we got busy. This is what Sinn's Natural Attraction DVD, Sexualized Comfort and accounts from his Lay Report can do for you. Giving you aggressive language and intent like a tiger and promoting aggressive attraction beneath women's filters even between friends.

Thanks for the Game Lift,
James Fulton

Sexualized Comfort Has Been Huge for me


Below is my experience from the last month, the programs made it so my "occasional" success is much more habitual, really made a huge difference in my interactions.

I've always been good with humor and getting interest from girls, but always had problems getting over the "hump" into sexual territory, especially with the girls I like best -- the ones who run in my social and professional circles.

Last month a very cute girl I like and know professionally (and apparently at the end with her boyfriend) asked me to visit her in her jacuzzi - and I choked! I didn't know how to "accept" without risking looking like an eager, drooling fool, or being embarrassed with people I know and work with. I was frustrated and tortured not knowing how to handle this, I wouldn't wish this man-shame on my worst enemy!

Thank God I had just ordered your Sexualized Comfort and Seduction Roadmap training courses, they've answered my 911 emergency call beyond my wildest expectations. Your techniques on sexual framing and qualifying work like magic, I've totally been able to turn the tables and take CONTROL -- not only with girls I already know, but ALL girls.

I put it to use right away, when she texted about something she was doing, I told her she's trouble, and asked for her BF's number so I could tell him she needed more spanking.

When she arrived at an important seminar last week, I reminded her the event was professional and to return home and put on underwear. She LOVES to call and text me now, because our convos are so sexually charged.

Here's the kicker, a few days ago she told me she's breaking up with the BF, and we have to go out for drinks. Trust me, I will NOT choke this time! Did I mention I'm almost 10 years older than this girl? Jon the guys out there have to understand, if these techniques can work for me, they will work for ANYBODY.

Thanks again Jon, you've made it so any guy can cut his learning curve down from years to weeks -- just follow Jon Sinn, everyone -- the man knows what he's doing!

Daniel, Washington DC

Solving my Sticking Point - Kiss Close

To be really honest back in the days I had some major kissing issues I had NO IDEA about how to kiss when to kiss EVEN WHERE TO KISS I was simply super socially inept… back then I thought kissing was about kissing a girl instantly without her getting a chance to respond but I soon found out that this would mega!! creep out girls

To be honest their were 3 key concepts and 1 technique that solved this major sticking point and Sinn had a profound effect especially on the final piece of the puzzle.

Credit goes to: Sinn, & Mr M (Love systems)

3 concepts that helped my sticking point:

-anticipation, the fact that girls love anticipation when it come to kissing because it helps to build sexual tension and helps to prepare girls for escalation which of course tells them about what going to happen so if they still stick around even when they know is basically passive compliance. (Credit Seduction Community)

-that kissing a girl and failing was one of my Biggest fears but Mr reframed this by saying that K-close was not a DLV but in actuality a DHV because the girl now has the impression that your willing to take risks (one of the attraction switches) and therefore she will give you another chance to set up another date because you have balls. As opposed to other guys that try to play it safe and the girl thinks that he’s not really into her or that he’s not man enough therefore she’ll wouldn’t be willing to go on further dates. (Mr M….. interview series 9&10 game).

-SINN ON UNDER ESCALATION VS OVER ESCALATION, this really really really!!! Helped me on my inner game tremendously… it was probably the only time Sinn ever mentioned and I DON’T KNOW WHY SINN DOES NOT MENTION THIS CONCEPT ON OTHER PRODUCTS, but when I bought the lay reports book I also got an mp3 to go with it. There he talk about how over escalation are actually better and he gave tons of reason why. Plus mentioning that people actually get laid more! if they over escalate and fail rather than under escalation and failing… its statistically proven, plus other awesome reasons.

The 1 technique that helped me to kiss close once my inner game was fixed:

-the almost kiss (credit Sinn) once my inner game got sorted all I needed was a technique on how to carry it out. Out of all the variety of Kiss closes I’ve encountered the almost kiss has to be my favourite one because it’s pure genius and the success rate is astronomical, there are many hidden mechanisms at work here but to sum it up… smashing!!


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