Are you sick and tired of being in the "friend zone"?

"Here's The Simple Formula For Turning That Friend You've Been Longing For Into Your Wild, Passionate Lover... Who Is Literally CRAZY About You... Fast!"

Dear Friend,

This message contains the REAL secret to turning that girl that you see on a regular basis who doesn't quite see you "that way" into a girl who is literally crazy for you. The secret is this...

In order to turn a friend into a lover, the best way to do this is to make her fall in love with you!

I'll talk more about this in a second but first, let's talk about you...

If you're like me you probably have a girl or maybe even a couple of girls that you'd like nothing more than to develop a "more than friends" relationship with.

Wouldn't it be great to get that girl naked, under your covers while you two have wild, passionate sex? Wouldn't it be great if she was calling and texting you on a regular basis, wanting to spend time with you?

The trouble is, right now this girl just doesn't see you "that way." Either you two have a non-sexual "friends only" relationship or this girl doesn't even know you exist at all. You might even be that shoulder she cries on before she goes out and bangs some other jerk that doesn't deserve her.

Luckily for you, you're reading this letter right now and you'll soon learn all about my magic formula for turning a friend into a lover every single time.

But before I get into this formula, I want talk for a minute about who I am and why you should be listening to me...

My name is Jon Sinn. For the past seven years I've been the top dating and seduction coaching in the entire world. I know that's a bold statement but the statistics simply do not lie. Among them...

bullet I was recently named the #1 Pick-Up Artist is the world by the leading publication TSB Magazine for the second year in a row.
bullet I created the ground breaking Seduction Roadmap, which has been scientifically proven to be the most powerful seduction system on the planet
bullet I've personally trained many guys who've gone on to become top dating coaches for leading companies such as Love Systems, Venusian Arts and Real Social Dynamics.
bullet I co-authored Magic Bullets, which has been considered the dating and seduction "bible" for the last five years.
bullet Most importantly, I have an arsenal of success stories from normal guys just like you, who were once struggling with women and are now living the dating lives of their dreams.

I say all of this not to brag but to let you know that if you want more success with women, you've come to the right place.

Specifically, if you want to turn that friend you're thinking about into your lover then you're going to want to know about my proven formula for doing exactly that. I call this formula...

I say all of this not to brag but to let you know that if you want more success with women, you've come to the right place.

Specifically, if you want to turn that friend you're thinking about into your lover then you're going to want to know about my proven formula for doing exactly that. I call this formula...

Breakthrough Comfort: The Proven Formula For Making ANY Woman Fall In Love With You!

I came up with this formula a few years as a result of hanging out with a guy named Tommy. Tommy was amazing with women. After hanging out with him for a little bit, I noticed that Tommy had a knack for making women fall in love with him.

Now I don't mean this figuratively either. Girls would literally fall in love with Tommy after knowing him for a couple of weeks or sometimes even less. They would say things like "I love you" and "I think you're the one" shortly after meeting him.

Since this was happening so regularly, I figured that Tommy must have unknowingly been using some kind of formula for making this this happen.

I then started watching what Tommy was doing very closely. I would watch him while he talked to girls, I'd listen in on his phone conversations (we were roommates for a short time), and I would interview him and discuss all of his latest adventures with him.

Eventually, I figured out that Tommy always went through the same seven steps to make girls fall in love with him. These seven steps form the basis of the Breakthrough Comfort Formula. Let's talk about these steps...

Step #1: Conveying Your Passion

Passion is the basis for Breakthrough Comfort. It's the fuel to the fire so to speak. You have to convey to the woman that you're very passionate about something OTHER than her before you can be passionate about her. There's a very specific way to do this to get girls to fall in love with you.

Step #2: The Golden Mirror

With this step, you need to demonstrate to the girl that you see her EXACTLY as she wants to be seen. I call this step the "Golden Mirror" because you're reflecting that idealized vision that the girl has of herself back to her like a mirror.

Every girl has a way she wants to be perceived and if she were to run into someone (like you) who sees her exactly the way she wants to be seen by the world, it's going to create some very powerful emotions which can turn into love.

Step #3: Hot/Cold Communication

Hot/cold communication refers to balancing very positive communication and emotions (think: the things people say to each other when they're falling in love) with other communication that is not quite like that. You do this because if you don't, the girl is going to get bored.

When you throw in some "cold" communication it creates a sense of unpredictability between the two of you, which makes the woman even more enraptured and invested in the relationship. Ever heard the phrase, "love is like a rollercoaster"? Hot/cold communication is your way to create this kind of rollercoaster for the girl you're thinking about.

Step #4: Project A Future Together
With this step, you convey to the girl that the two of you are going to know each other for a long time; that you're going to be there for her in the long-term; that you're going to be around, etc.

You need to convey that you'll be there for her and that she doesn't need to worry about you running off once you sleep with her. Be careful though, you DON'T want to do this in a way that comes across as needy or clingy or else it's going to backfire.

Step #5: Emotional Honestly

Emotional honesty is about being in touch with your emotions and expressing them in a congruent and attractive way. This is very important because when the girl knows that you're emotionally honest about EVERYTHING, she'll know that you're also being honest when you're doing things like the Golden Mirror step, showering her with "hot" communication and projecting a future together.

It's your emotional honesty that's going to make her feel like it's "meant to be" and that "you're the one" very quickly.

Step #6: The Whirlwind Courtship

With this step, you really speed up the emotional intensity between the two of you. Here, things get very deep between the two of you very quickly. Ultimately, this step really shortens the time period in which the girl says, "I love you" to you.

Believe it or not, girls will say "I love you" to you in a very sincere and meaningful way in only a week or two after meeting you. But in order to get to this place you need the emotional intensity to be at a very high level. The whirlwind courtship process is your vehicle for creating this kind of emotional intensity.

Step #7: Create Drama

You might be thinking to yourself, "Jon, why do I need to create drama? Can't everything just be really fun and peachy and amazing all the time?" Unfortunately, the answer is no. Here's why...

Women are emotional creatures and because of this, they need a variety of emotions, not just positive ones. And if you don't give them an outlet to for these less than positive emotions, they'll create drama on their own.

Fortunately, I come up with some very easy and harmless ways to create this kind of drama that allows the girl to release those less than positive emotions so everything can go back to being fun and peachy very quickly.

So those are the seven steps. After figuring out the seven steps that Tommy was doing, being the scientific-minded person that I was (and still am), I decided to test the Breakthrough Comfort Formula for myself to see if it worked for someone else besides Tommy. Amazingly...

The Formula Worked Better Than I Could Have Ever Imagined!

By simply following the formula, girls where falling in love with me left and right. Girls where now saying "I love you" and "You're the one" to me after a week of knowing me! The formula worked literally every time I tried it. The connections that I formed were VERY powerful.

Later, I taught the formula to a guy named Steve and the exact same thing happened when he used it. It was at this point that I could confidently say that I "cracked" the code on how to get women to fall in love with you. The Breakthrough Comfort Formula is simply the science behind what happens when two people fall in love.

I later taught this formula at Breakthrough Comfort seminars all over the world that cost no less than $1000.00 to attend and the attendees of those seminars will tell you that they were worth every penny.

Now you might be asking, "What does getting girls to fall in love with me have to do with turning a friend into a lover?"

Answer: everything.

You see, I've been coaching students on a one-on-one basis for over seven years. And as you might imagine, quite a few of these guys come to me because they have a particular woman in mind that they want to seduce. It's almost always a friend or someone they work with or someone like that.

For a while, I resisted having guys fixate on a specific girl. I'd tell them things like, "you need to get out there and meet more women." And while this was good advice, some guys where so stubborn and couldn't get their minds off of a specific girl that I'd feel bad if I didn't at least TRY to help them in this regard.

So I started teaching these guys the Breakthrough Comfort Formula. And I told them to use it on the girls they have in mind. I'm sure you know how this story ends. From this, I discovered that...

Breakthrough Comfort Is Hands Down The Best Way To Turn A Friend Into A Lover!

From working with thousands of students over the years, Breakthrough Comfort is literally the ONLY thing that works to consistently turn a friend into a lover. I believe the reason for this is societal conditioning.

First of all, from a very young age girls are taught that falling in love is the end all and be all. Think about fairy tales like Cinderella and Snow White.

The image of the "knight in shining armor" who is going to come in and sweep the girl off of her feet is a very real image that's almost been ingrained in women from birth.

Also, consider that romance novels (which ALWAYS end with the man and woman falling in love) are the best-selling books on earth.

Lastly, consider television and the movies. How often have you seen a movie or watched a television show where the guy and a the girl were "just friends" but eventually they realized that there's an attraction there and they fall in love? And looking back, they realize that they were "right for each other" and that it was "meant to be" the entire time.

Guess what?

With The Breakthrough Comfort Formula You Can Create This "Meant To Be" Feeling With Your Friends At Will!

That's right, Breakthrough Comfort is the true magical formula that can turn that friend you've been longing for into your lover. And because of the societal conditioning that we just talked about, the girl is not going to be fighting it. Once you two have finally gotten sexual she's going to think that it was "meant to be." How cool is that?

If you still reading this, then I'm guessing you'd like to use the Breakthrough Comfort Formula in your own life to turn that friend you've been thinking about into your lover.

If so, then I have some VERY good news for you. I recently, for the last time, taught the complete Breakthrough Comfort Formula to a select group of my high level coaching students. These guys paid over $1000.00 each to sit in on this class. And with their permission, I'm going to make the recordings of this class available for the first and only time in a brand new home study program called...

Breakthrough Comfort: The Proven Formula For Turning A Friend Into A Lover... Every Single Time!

This program contains literally EVERYTHING you need to master the Breakthrough Comfort Formula quickly and easily. And because this information is so important, all the materials are hard copies so you can easily refer to them again and again.

Here's a quick overview of what you get in the program:

The Core Components

The Breakthrough Comfort Formula Fast Start Video

This Fast Start Video shows you exactly what you need to do to in order to get maximum value and results from the program in the shortest amount of time possible. It shows you exactly how to develop a game plan for mastering the formula and gives you immediate actions that you can do RIGHT AWAY to beginning turning your friend into your lover.

The Breakthrough Comfort Formula Master Manual

This 110 page manual is your reference guide for mastering the Breakthrough Comfort Formula. It has complete details of every step of the formula along with step-by-step instructions and examples of how to apply the steps in the real world.

6-Audio Training Session CDs

In these six audio training sessions, I walk you through the complete Breakthrough Comfort Formula in step-by-step detail. These are the exact same audio training sessions that my high-end clients paid $1000.00 each to listen in on.

When you combine these training sessions with the Master Manual, you have everything you need to quickly turn that friend you've been thinking about into your lover.

Here are the topics of each of the training sessions:

bullet Audio CD #1: Convey Your Passion
bullet Audio CD #2: The Golden Mirror
bullet Audio CD #3: Hot/Cold Communication
bullet Audio CD #4: Project A Future Together
bullet Audio CD #5: Emotional Honestly
bullet Audio CD #6: The Whirlwind Courtship and Creating Drama

Here's a very small sample of what you're going to discover in the Core program:

bullet How to finally break free from the friend zone and get the girl to start seeing you as a romantic partner! You get the exact, word-for-word script on how to do this that you can model for your own benefit!
bullet The #1 thing to keep in mind to make sure that the girl falls in love with you as opposed to thinking you're needy and desperate! If you mess this up, it's going to be impossible to turn your friend into your lover.
bullet A secret tactic for getting girls committed, almost compelled to spend time with you! With this, "flakes" become the last thing you're going to be worrying about. Your biggest concern is going to be finding space in your calendar for all the girls that want to spend time with you!
bullet The 5 tools for conveying your passion to a woman in the right way! And if you don't THINK you're passionate about anything right now, I'll show my simple step-by-step method for unlocking that passion!
bullet How to create explosive, sexual chemistry using only your words! Far beyond what happens with a one-time fling, the type of chemistry that you'll be able to create with Breakthrough Comfort will let her know that something truly magical is happening between the two of you!
bullet Two sneaky, "innocent" things that you can ask a girl that will make her committed to you and ONLY you! The simplicity of these two tactics is what makes them so powerful!
bullet How to create connections that are nearly unbreakable! You've probably heard about "connecting" and "rapport building" techniques before, but that stuff is mere child's play compared to the connections you can create using Breakthrough Comfort!
bullet How to find out the woman's deepest hopes and dreams and use this information to make her fall in love with you! These are the things that she wouldn't even tell her best friend, but she'll gladly volunteer them to you IF you go about this the right way!
bullet Secrets of the "You or Us" model and how to use it create explosive connections!
bullet How to create the kind of emotional intimacy that women have been longing for their entire lives! Now YOU'RE the "knight in shining armor" that she's been waiting for since she was a little girl!
bullet Exactly how to use compliments to make girls fall for you instead of coming across as needy! There's a right way to compliment a girl to make her melt inside that no other expert talks about!
bullet How to strike the perfect balance between your "hot" communication with your "cold" communication to make sure that you don't come across like a manipulative jerk and instead come across like the powerful, unpredictable man that she's been dreaming about her entire life!
bullet Secrets of using phone and text to accelerate the intimacy process by at least three times! I promise you will NOT find this information anywhere else!
bullet Four killer tools for making a woman imagine her compelling future with you! When she starts seeing you in this way, it's going to be very difficult for her NOT to fall in love with you!
bullet How to plan and execute the perfect "falling in love" date! There's a very specific kind of date you must have if you want to create an unbreakable connection and this date has nothing to do with expensive roses or dinners or anything like that!
bullet The #1 thing that destroys ANY possibility of turning a friend into a lover... and how to avoid it!
bullet The single most important thing that you must do if you want the girl to trust you on a very deep level! Hint: it's the exact opposite of what most guys think it is.
bullet How to unleash the powerful, worth-falling-in-love-with man inside of you. You know certain girls will fall for you if they just got to know you in the right way. This is how to do it!
bullet And MUCH More!


Product Review Arjun M.

"In This Program You Go Beyond Pick Up!"

Hey Jon,

Your material is golden. And in this program you go beyond pick-up. This is great for getting into a relationship, staying in a relationship and building a relationship. I got access to your material at a crucial time when I met this amazing girl.

I didn't even do any of the usual attraction stuff like busting her balls, or teasing or anything. I did everything you said that was appropriate and it worked great! I couldn't stay in the relationship because I was moving cities, but we still keep in touch. Its good to fall in love sometimes!

Arjun M.
Newark, NJ

Product Review Daniel S..

"Every Day Is Like A First Day Because Breakthrough Comfort Set The Tone"

After moving to a new town in 2009 I had connections with lots of women here, but was incredibly busy at work and just could not get what I wanted, which was a relationship with ONE great woman.

The advice out there was too hard to process with me being so busy, and the community produces a lot of conflicting information; show interest, don't show interest, show a little then pull back... But after going through the Breakthrough Comfort course, I did something totally different, after spending a good part of July 4 at an event with a woman where we were both working, I asked her out that night, with no expectations. I had the Breakthrough Comfort program fresh on my mind, and found that my showing "reluctant" interest really made the night fun.

She took me back to her place that night and the items scattered around her room were absolutely adorable, and reinforced all the things about her I learned earlier. I used some "golden mirror" on her, and it was heartfelt, which is great as following other guru advice I NEVER would have discussed her so in depth.

Well, that was last summer, and we are together today in an incredible and healthy relationship, and every day is still like a first date because Breakthrough Comfort set the tone. She still marvels that no man has ever done the things I did, and she digs the strength I show in willing to be vulnerable. Anyway, thanks Jon - this is a great program that teaches men how to be men and confidently go get what they want, and make women feel absolutely desired and adored like no man before!

Daniel S.
Virginia Beach, VA

4 Bonus Training Sessions

In addition, to the core training, you also get four incredible bonus training sessions that really enhance everything you'll learn in the main program.

Bonus #1: Top Secret Conversation Topics For Turning Friends Into Lovers!

In this special video training session, you're going to learn the absolute BEST conversation topics that you can use to turn your friend into your lover. Many guys get a little bit "tongue-tied" when they're around that friend that they want to seduce.

If that's you, you're going to love this training session. In it, you get the exact conversation topics to come up with and I'll also show you how to bring them up. This is a BRAND NEW training session that no one has seen before (not even the clients who paid me $1000.00 to learn the main Breakthrough Comfort Formula). A $97.00 value.



Bonus #2: Turning Her On: How To Ignite The Sexual Fire In Your Future Lover

This is an audio training session on how to turn on that friend you're thinking about. Let's face it, this girl is never going to think about you in "that way" if you're not able to turn her on. It's all here, everything from how to touch her so she stops thinking about you as just a friend to talking dirty and beyond and everything in between. A $47.00 value.







Bonus #3: How To Turn A Lover Into A Girlfriend

Would you like to take your new lover and turn her into your girlfriend? This special video training module shows you exactly how to do this in step by step detail. Maybe you're in a situation where you not just thinking about "getting it on" with a certain girl, but you're thinking about how great it would be if this girl was your girlfriend. You'll know how to turn that image of you two together that's in your head into reality after reviewing this training session. A $97.00 value.






Bonus #4: Rapport 101: The Building Blocks of Comfort

Although it's actually very simple, the Breakthrough Comfort Formula can seem a little overwhelming for some guys when they first start learning it. I figured that the best way to make sure that EVERY guy can easily apply the Breakthrough Comfort Formula and start getting results quickly is by including this special audio CD on the Building Blocks of Comfort. A $47.00 value.







How Much Is The Breakthrough Comfort Formula Going To Cost Me?

I'm sure you're probably thinking, "The Breakthrough Comfort Formula sound amazing... but... how much is it going to cost me?"

Well let's think about everything you're getting in this package...

You get the exact same core training on the Breakthrough Comfort Formula that other guys paid $1000.00 to learn. In addition, you get $288.00 worth of bonuses that the original Breakthrough Comfort students did NOT get. All totaled, the retail value of this life-changing package is $1288.00.

Truthfully, it's actually worth MUCH more than that when you consider the value of being able to make girls fall in love with you and turn your friends into lovers at will.

Because this information is so powerful, I've decided that I can't just let any guy get his hands on it. For this reason, the invest for this program is $397.00, which is still less than half of what the original Breakthrough Comfort students had to pay.

Of course, whenever I come out with a new program like this I like to give a special discount to the "action-takers" who know a good value when they see one. So for now, I'm knocking $200 off the price. Bringing your total investment to only $197!

Not only that, but your investment in the Breakthrough Comfort Formula is completely risk free because it's...

Backed By An Iron-Clad 180-Day Guarantee!

Go through the program and see it work for yourself. If you don't like it, just let me know within 180 days of your purchase and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.
In all honestly, if you don't see dramatic changes in your life as a direct result of this program, then I don't want your money.

You have absolutely nothing to lose by giving this system a try.

Secure, Risk-Free Acceptance Form

Yes, Jon! Please ship me my copy of the entire
Breakthrough Comfort Formula for just $197 today.

  • I understand my satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.
    My purchase of the Breakthrough Comfort Formula is covered
    by your Iron-Clad 180-Day Unconditional,
    No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.
  • I understand you will ship me the entire system for
    me to go through and put into practice IMMEDIATELY.
  • I get the entire 7-step Breakthrough Comfort Formula, which includes:

The Breakthrough Comfort Formula CORE Components:
+ The 110 page Breakthrough Comfort Formula Master Manual ($497.00 value)
+ The 6-CD Audio Training Set ($497.00 value)
+ The Fast Start Video ($47.00 value)

The 4 Bonuses
+ Top Secret Conversation Topics for Turning Friends Into Lovers video training session ($97.00 value)
+ Turning Her On: How to Ignite the Sexual Fire in Your Future Lover! audio CD ($47.00 value)
+ How to Turn a Lover Into a Girlfriend video training session ($97.00 value)
+ Rapport 101: The Building Blocks of Comfort audio CD ($97.00 value)

Click The 'Add To Cart' Button Below To Order The Breakthrough Comfort Formula Now For Just $397 $197 Today

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WARNING: The Material is VERY Powerful, Even Dangerous If Put Into the Wrong Hands

The Breakthrough Comfort Formula is by far the most powerful program I've ever created simply because sometimes, the connections you form are so powerful that they're hard to break.

For this reason, there's a special requirement that you MUST agree to if you want to get your hands on this program. It's this...

You must be an honest, ethical person who is not going to use this information for "bad" purposes. This means don't use this information to take advantage of women or hurt women or anything else like that.

If you ARE an honest and ethical person, then I'm willing to take you by the hand and show you exactly how to turn that friend into a lover. But you must act fast because...

NOW Is The Time To Turn That Friend Into A Lover!

Now is the time to decide if that girl you want to turn into your lover is worth the effort. Here is the cold, hard truth: there's a very real possibility that if you don't turn that girl into your lover soon, then someone else will.

If you're serious about this girl, then you need to do everything possible to make this girl yours right away. And the quickest way to do that is by getting your hands on the complete Breakthrough Comfort Formula.

If this girl truly is worth it, then it is my sincere hope that you decide to take action and invest in this special program right now. I promise that you're going to look back your decision to get this program as one of the smartest decisions you made in your entire life.

So please, click on the link below and invest in the Breakthrough Comfort Formula NOW.

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Jon Sinn

P.S. Three months from now you can be nothing more than three months older, or you could be sleeping with that friend you're thinking about or making girls fall in love with you at will. The choice is yours. If the second options sound more appealing to you, then sign up right now!

P.P.S. Remember, the Breakthrough Comfort Formula is backed by an iron-clad 180-day guarantee. You have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for this program. Get it now!


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